Untitled #6

Thoughts swimming through my mind
My mind preoccupied with worry
Which worry shall I address first?
My incompetence?
My inferiority complex?
My depression?
My disorientation?
My stresses unreleased
All my fears are surfacing again
So shoulders straight, eyes focus
I try to stay calm
I take deep deep breaths
One at a time I address my worries
My incompetence?
The fear that I will fail abysmally
But I am already living my dream, so I smile
My inferiority complex?
The fear that I will never be good enough
But I am an inspiration, so I smile
My depression?
But I won that battle long ago, so I smile
My disorientation?
I am not confused to the point of sickness, so I smile
So then why does worry swim through my mind?
I worry that you will judge me
Because I do not aspire to your vision

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