The Worst

Your words ring through my head
Like a chorus of torment
Escape I cannot from this torture you serve me
Ashamed I am from this disaster I find myself
My threats are like blunt knifes
As I have no intentions of hurting you
My capabilities, forgotten
As if they were never useful
My presence is growing insignificant
And I feel much aggrieved
I played my role with no complaints
Yet you deny me my pay so selfishly
I stand a friend
But I can no longer bare witness to
Such cruelty you inflict on yourself
I cannot counter your desires
But I can try to steer you on course
When my passions arise
Good sense escape me
And I am not in control
My mind wonders back and forth
And a wondering mind is dangerous
Because now I am growing uncomfortable
With the idea that sometimes my choices are limited

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