Pandora’s Box of Secret #4

I tried so hard to ignore this feeling
But it’s impossible to stop feeling this way
My heart is with him and all day everyday I think of him
Is it okay to feel this way? And how do I show it?
What if this is not real?
What if this is just a fantasy?
But all I want is to feel his lips on mine
Is this really meant to be?
What if he’s too hard to impress?
What if this is something I’ll regret?
I’m swept away by the wonder of it all
I’m amazed because I never saw it coming
It’s left me in a daze and I do not know where to turn
Here and now it seems I am standing on the edge
Looking down, a part of me wants to say
Exactly how I feel but I’m holding on for dear life
Because I’m too afraid to say what I feel in my heart
Can you promise me that it will be okay?
Can you promise me you’ll always be there?
If my secret comes out I will need you and
I will need you to need me back

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