Pandora’s Box of Secret #3

Oh Lord, oh God what shall I do?
I often pray to you and cry
When problems wrack my brain with pain
Stressing me until I want to die
Oh Lord, oh God what shall I do?
Worry, beg, plead and pray
Seeking answers from every source
Tired and exhausted as tiredness ends the day
Dreams, violent dreams, they haunt me
Assault my brain while I sleep
Squeeze every muscle in my shoulders and body
Cutting like knives way down deep
Is there no answers to my plea?
Will life keep haunting me with its distress?
Will I continue to bite my tongue
When issues create such disturbing mess
The skeleton remains in my closet
I will not publish it’s content to those reading and wondering
What this great problem is that I pray
Oh Lord, oh God, hear my plea
You know my mind and my heart
I beg your understanding and goodness
To create resolution and a brand new start
Please Lord oh God, fix all the misery
Suffering and pain with tolerance
So I can live my life how I want

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