Caged Bird

My heart is so empty
My dreams unfulfilled
I feel like a man without a soul
I feel like a summer’s day without the sun
A sad face with nothing to smile about
There is no comfort in my dreams
In the dark of night my dreams are just nightmares
And I have to seek reasons to breathe in the light of day
I only have memories to hold on to and
Even they are fading away rapidly
Tears fill my eyes and my vision is impaired
The ache in my heart summons me to be miserable
This misery is content in keeping me in misery
In misery I suffer in silence with only my thoughts for company
It feels so lonely in this world of mine
Just like a caged bird
I have no freedom to fly as a please or
To migrate when misery comes and builds it nest
Misery for company and no one even knows how I feel
I am trapped and all I can do is wait

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