This is Your Life

Oh baby, I know how badly
You want to believe in his words
But he is lying to you time after time
Disrespecting you and making a fool out of you
Can you not see? How long will you choose to stay blind?
You know the truth in your heart
Do not let his words blind you
Whatever it is about him you like so much
I promise you will find that and more in another
And this person will not lie to you
Whatever I say to you
You will make the decision that you feel is right for you
But listen to me
Do not go back to the place you hurt
You are far too precious to be treated like this
Be sure of the choices you make
They will haunt you and play loops in your head
Making you confused and unsure of yourself
He cannot be true to himself, better yet you
Do not waste your time on someone far less your equivalent
Do not forget, this is your life

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