Remember How You Hurt

I remember how you hurt
I remember how you wished he was pure
I remember the disappointed in your voice
I remember you questioned everything
But the saddest part of all was when you questioned yourself
Do you not know you were born
To move mountains and inspire generations to come?
Do not fall victim to the fairy tales
And do not be foolish in your approach
I tossed and turned tonight
Unable to put my mind at peace
Worried about the choice you will make
But there is noting I can do to change this fate
Except to tell you
Do not go back to that place
The place where you hurt
The place where your heart is used as a drum
Beaten and trampled upon with no regards to your feelings
The place where you are disrespected
With no regards to your trust
You will find no peace in this place
Just dark turns and blind alleys
Remember how you hurt
He might make you smile again
But I promise you he will make
You hurt a thousand times over
For his love comes with conditions
Remember how you hurt
Remember the words he speaks
For you will hear him say sorry a thousand times
And he will not mean a single one of them
This choice is your very own to make
But if you walk back to that place you hurt
You give me no option but to ask
Baby boy where is your self respect?

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