When I think of all the miserable times of my life
The moments where I saw no way out
So caught up in this way of life I did not want to aspire to
I begin to wonder, how did I ever make it through
Day by day living in the prophesies of others
Choked with tales which are invented
For the sole purpose of keeping me in check
How bitterly disappointed I am
When I learn that these tales are lies
Why then would I believe anything you tell me?
Be it before or after
Unsure if they are tales or truth
Since you have made me unable to separate them
I shall only believe in the tales I tell myself
The ones I have invented for the sole purpose of
Relinquishing any power you may have over me
Once upon a time I was recruit in your army of optimists
I fought and defended your vision
Aspiring to it’s every commandment
As promising as it seems
I find no comfort in the promises of the one
Who has lied to me before
I cannot allow myself to fall for your conditional love
I have been a victim to you before
I remember the pain from your claws digging into me
Whenever I failed to submit to your greed
But I can never be perfect, there is no such thing
You had me, I was at your mercy, to do as you pleased
But your greed for me to be perfect broke me and wounded me
My mind you took from me and made me prisoner of my own body
Your greed is poison and I fell victim to it’s deadly sting

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