Lust is my deadly sin
It’s elegant but deceiving beauty
Draws me close and I fall victim every time
It whispers it’s seductive words and
Calls my name and demands my attention
Then I lust after lust and lust some more
The lust within me throbs with eager
Throbbing lust oozing through my body
I concede every time it brings its temptations
And I am submissive to its captive
I am unable to guard myself
So I lose each battle without a fight
The taste of him on my tongue
The smell of him in my nose
To feel myself inside him
To hear him groan and moan with pleasure
To see his eyes roll back into its sockets when i thrust
To see his body move to the rhythm of my command
These are the moments I desire intensely
These are the moments I will Probably die hunting for
And when I hear him scream “yes”
Well… I know my work here is done
Then I will go back to lusting after lust
And lust some more

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