Untitled #4

I wasn’t even aware that I lacked self belief
I guess I have always lactated onto the belief others had in me
Maybe because it was easy to believe in
What others believed what my capabilities were
After all they were the ones shaping me
All unaware of the damage they are causing me
I had no control over my own life
A complete sheep with opinions formed
From hear say and pop culture media
Who am I? What is my purpose?
These are the questions I often asked myself
Had my calling come and gone?
Have I missed my moment?
Bitterness consumes me and I am disappointed
And as a person who is disappointed
I bare my soul without caution and hesitation
I am envious of the poets and how they
Find words to express themselves
Words so perfect it makes me jealous that I did not think of them
What will be of my life?
I am on the road to discovery and
This adventure ride is revealing revelations
Revelations so erotic, freedom flows
Within my lungs and allows me to breathe
I am free of guilt, I am free of loneliness
I am free free of unawareness, I am free of expectations
Floating in the air, a rebel without a cause I have become

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