I guess I am a self absorbed individual
Who views his existence as more important than it probably is
But then again who doesn’t view their existence as important?
I feel sorry for you if you don’t view your existence as important
You have got to know your worth, don’t you know who you are?
How can you become anything other than what you want to be?
How can you live the life that others want for you?
What is the satisfaction in that?
If you are in agreement with me
Then why haven’t you asked yourself these questions?
Oh darling, after all, all you have is your self
Do not be stuck in regret for too long
Regret is sad, Regret is disappointing
Too much regret is failure in motion
I had regrets, so many of them, so much regrets
They haunted my brain and alienated my mind for so long
And I allowed them to do so for too long
It stumped my growth and held me back from my destiny
I regret from having regrets
But I have come of age and I am able to put them to bed
I still have regrets, but I do not let them haunt me
And rob me of my self


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