My Inspiration

Failure is something I don’t wish for my life
My every shortcoming is a reminder that I am failing
But failing in what?
I have since discovered that I was failing
To the expectations placed on me
Expectations I was sure I had to aspire to
Expectations I was sure to fail aspiring to
It seemed I was carrying the weight of
The world on my shoulders
So sink or swim
I wanted to swim but I wasn’t sure how
To move my body under water
But as fortune will have it I discovered a gift
A gift of wisdom, a gift of life
A gift I would cherish and share with
Anyone who was interested
It was a poem
This poem would be my saviour
The one thing I could adopt and make my own
And so I did. This poem altered my existence
This poem spoke to me as if it was face to face with me
It inspired me and sparked a fire in me
My love for poetry was heightened
I loved reading the messages it carried
Such beautiful words carefully chosen
To describe moments that are
Sometimes impossible to describe
This poem I speak about inspired me so much
It was simply breath taken
A beautiful moment where I bonded with words
Like ink bonds with paper
I literally gasp for breath every time
I read it because the words speak to me
They speak to me as if it was part of my soul
And to not believe in it would be a betrayal to myself
This poem taught me how to love myself
This poem taught me how to believe in myself
But most importantly it taught me that
I have a duty to myself, I have a duty society

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