My Feelings About Poetry #2

I was just a boy with an overly unnatural interest for poetry
But I never knew what to do with that interest
I wrote poems that no body read, poems that
I didn’t even read myself
I didn’t want anyone to read them, these were my most
Private thoughts, my most vulnerable moments
Being immature in my thinking
I think you wouldn’t understand and I fear
You will taunt me if you knew about my thoughts
My desires, my fears. I cannot allow you to taunt my feeling
Not my emotions it is far too precious to be mocked
Sometimes I was so ashamed of my feelings
That it would be torture to re-visit the moments
The moments when I was so weak
The moments where I was so frail
Where honesty was my best friend because
It made me at peace with my self but also
Where honesty was my worst enemy
Because it was so cruel, it made me aware
Of my miserable shortcomings

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