My Feelings About Poetry #1

Poetry was never a part of my life
Sure I liked poetry,
I was intrigued by the idea that
I could pour out my heart and soul
On a paper from the tip of a pen and
It would be fantastically honest
To aspire to such honesty, to aspire to such vulnerability,
I admire anyone who attempts this fate
For it is not soft task to say look I am weak
And to inscribe a permanent marker to your feeling
For all ages to know, it is fantastically admirable
Sometimes the words I think and write are a mess
They are sad, they are lifeless because
I feel lifeless when it drips slowly into my brain
But my words bring reflection to my thoughts
And forces me to be brutally honest
I cannot stand lies that are told to myself
Poetry allows me to be honest with myself
And in doing so also allows me to be honest to the world


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