A Woman’s Love

I love the heart of good woman
I adore the soul of a beautiful woman
A woman’s care is wonderful
A woman’s trust is phenomenal
Because it come with no strings attached
It comes with dedication and love so pure
A good woman is God sent
To know a good woman’s love,
It’s like being sun kissed by
The warmest sun on a winters day
When all hope of sun has disappeared
To know a mother’s love
it’s like witnessing the most ferocious wind
It will blow away everything in it’s path
if required
Yes I adore the heart of a good woman
But I can never love a woman like I love a man
I just understand I have the most inseparable
Bond with a woman’s mind and heart
To know a woman’s affection
Is to find peace in all the madness
of our ego-centric world

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