My Little Angel #2

Angelic and Heavenly
Brighter than sunlight on
The warmest summer’s day
I love to play with you
Your innocence is refreshing
Your untainted vision of the world
Makes me green with envy
But you are perfection in motion
You are life’s eternal blessing
There are fewer sounds I find
More soothing than your little tiny voice
Even your endless cry for attention
There are fewer places that are more comforting
Than when you open up your little arms to embrace me
Even your clumsy crushing hugs
Full of love and trust
Not smothered by societies poisonous spells
Your innocent questions and
Your endless laughs at nothing
Makes me delight in glory and blessing
So my dear angel
Never despair, never be discouraged
Never be afraid, never feel lonely
For I will be there for you everyday and always
Just like today

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