Grandma, You Are Simply Brilliant

My grandmother, an absolute legend
A lady of such grace and humbleness
The first real lady I ever knew
I couldn’t do her elegance enough
Justice by using words to describe it
She is simply brilliant
A beautiful soul with the kindest heart
You have been my greatest mentor and
I will be eternally grateful for your teachings
Grandma you are wise and you are patient
The guidance you gave me has shaped me
Into the outstanding man I am today
I love you more than words can express
You are simply brilliant
With your unconditional love and
Your uncompromising devotion
You seeked glory and prestige for all of your family
With your open heart you tendered to our wounds
And in sickness you mended us back to health
You are simply brilliant
You are truly a wonderful friend
Pure inspiration in all of our lives
You are the rock our family leans on
And I for one I cherish you
My dear grandma, there is no other like you
You are simply brilliant

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