You Only Want Me, When You Can’t Have Me

Can you not see how good you have it with me?
You never see all the things I do
For you so thoughtfully and sincerely
You play with my emotions
You never seem to care about my feelings
But I cannot help but respond to your every need
When I get the courage to move on from you
There you are, here, there and everywhere
Doing all you can to gain and win my affection
Confusing me with your manipulating ways
Assaulting my heart with promises I know
You can not and will not fulfil
I know how you work but like a fool
I cannot help but fall for your empty promises
Your words spins around in my head
Confuses me and messes with my peace
But now it is so obvious to me and
I have come to realise that
You only want me, when you can’t have me

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