My Best Friend

You aggravate and irritate me with worry
But I wouldn’t have you any other way
We were separated for a brief moment
But fate brought us back together
Your past is unhappy but your future is a glistening haven
I can’t change your past or your future
But when you need me I will be next to you
I can’t stop you from tripping and falling
But I can only offer you my hand to hold on to
So that the times you fall will not be plenty
Your joys, your victories and your success
They are not mine, but I enjoy honestly when
I see you happy, when I see you smile, I’m in gladness
I will not judge the choices you make in your life
I only confine myself to support you in every adventure
I can’t stop boys from breaking your heart
But I can cry with you and help you mend
I can’t tell you who you are and who you should be
I can only love you as you are and be your best friend
Both in good times and in bad times
I love you like a brother and no less


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