Sao Paulo boy #2

So lifting and heavenly
My perfect angel you are
Talking to you is like
Sharing your pain and pleasure
The memories of you are fading
So I can only see your silhouette
But I can remember the way
You moved was so hypnotising
I’m thirsty for your taste
I’m hungry for your touch
I’m infatuated by your flow
You bring life to my fantasies
I would love the feel of your lips on
My body for the rest of my existence
If you would be kind enough
To grant me my desire
Waiting for you to communicate
Is like waiting for my life to be over
The feeling of not being with you
Is like waiting for a tragedy to happen
So now you know my feelings
For you runs deeper than words
But if you decide to take a chance
You will be stone cold crazy
Because I might fuck it all up
But don’t fear, I do not have
A fear of falling. I want to fly…
With you

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