Jersey Boy #1

When temptation knocked at my door
I was weak, I couldn’t control myself
It was the way he used to look at me
With his big brown puppy eyes
They told me he needed me
But I couldn’t give him all of me
Besides he never asked
The way he wore his dark hair was peculiar
They covered his face and hide his beauty
But he never removed them from his face
Even when he leaned forward and
It covered all of his face and blurred his visions
I never understood, But i guess now
I understand it was just his way of hiding
I wish he didn’t hide so much because
I was mad about the boy and cared for his life
Any demons he carried wouldn’t have mattered
My curious heart crossed the line
But he gave me strength from the way I felt
Was it wrong that I was already spoken for?
Maybe so, but I came to the conclusion that
As wrong as it might had been
I would give him what I could
I was not capable to give him what he wanted
So as I can’t grant your every wish
I truly hope life grants you your every wish

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