Jersey Boy #2

I have finally come to terms
With the way I feel about you
But I am unsure if it would ever be okay
For me to show my feelings around you
But it’s too late now anyway
I don’t know where you are
There is so many things I want to tell you
So much I want to explain
So much I want you to forgive me for
So much I want to make up for
I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough to choose you
But look, I didn’t choose him either
But you don’t know that because you’re not here
So as I float in a place where space is no constraint
A world of words and silent laughs
A world where thoughts through space and time
Just race around from mind to mind
I will always keep you close
Close enough so you will never forget me
From a distance I will watch
As a silent voice keeps me waiting and
A stubborn hope keeps me hoping that
Out of the void my name will ring and
All distance denied, our lives will collide

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