Victory Over Depression

Glorious Victory!!
I fought a brave fight and
I won a great victory
Carrying all my fears, I charged at it
And shattered it into pieces
It pierced me with it’s fangs
I still bare the scars from the wounds it left
But the scars are a reminder that
I am a worrior, bold, powerful and
Able to defeat evil which attacked repeatedly
I am happy and I know I am
Because today, I had one of those moments
Where I caught myself smiling for no reason at all
I am not pondering on whether
Absence makes the heart grow fonder or
If it’s a case of out of sight out of mind
I feel my head my head is light
There is nothing tormenting me or
Running through in my head making my life intolerant
I feel a little tired though
Perhaps worn out by the ups and downs
It was a constant battlefield
Where my heart defied my head
And my head overruled my heart
I am not needy and I am not greedy
Just looking at the half empty glass
And thinking it is half full
When I sleep I will have happy dreams
Where I am alone, content, in a peaceful bliss

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