Assaulted by Depression #2

Spending time with my thoughts
Makes me realise everything is not as it seems
I am consumed with bitterness and
Trapped in a pool of dreams of deep silent waters
Negative thoughts flood my troubled mind and
It suffocates me, it’s acid taste chokes my throat
Almost drowning me, twisted by it’s savage mode
I am in conflict with the knowledge
That I am not in control of my life
I am not satisfied with all that I am
If only I could be half the man my father is
Then I will have an idea of how to be a man
If only I had my mother’s strength
She’s my rock, she sustains me
Where would I be if God never put us together
If I had the courage of my my sister
Then I could be her hero
I am very bothered with they way life is
I have to learn to take control
To recognise what is important
So I will not suffer the way I do, then I can be a man
Just like my father

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