Collections #5

When I sleep at night
I dream of you
Pleasant thoughts fill my head
During the day and
I cannot help but
Day dream about you
I hesitate to tell you how I feel
Unsure if you will return this feeling
Unsure what to do if you return this feeling
Unsure what you will expect of me
The things you say to me
Hangs so softly in my ears
I lie awake at night
Thinking of a future with you
In hope, I dream of
Forever with you
The way you hold me
Makes me know you’re there
The way you look at me
Makes me feel adored
With you by my side
Everyday feels like
A dream come true
He was too low
To be picked up
He was too broken
To be fixed
He was too sad
To appreciate happiness
I didn’t have the strength
To help him climb back up
I risked to fall as my own wings
Were too weak to fly
It’s a shame though
He had so much potential
I finally managed a smile today
I realised I haven’t thought of
You so much lately
I don’t understand why
I’ve been grieving over this
You could never deliver what I want
You were always putting me down
Never supported me to reach my goals
Never realised my potential
With you, it was always about the drama
The arguments never stopped
I’ve finally come to realise
You are just not mature enough
To understand the needs of others

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