My Soul Mate

With every breath you take
I feel your desire for passion
I feel your desire to be admired
I feel your desire be fulfilled
I feel your desire to be accepted
I feel your desire to be devoted
I feel your desire to deliver
I feel your desire not to be altered
I feel your incapability to correct your mistakes
Mistakes I know you make yet you keep
On making them, I do not understand
But I understand
I understand the thoughts in your head
I think them too, endlessly, everyday,
Every sunrise, every sunset
Why are we so different to the world?
This causes us issues,
Uncertainty, confusion and conflict
The desire to be recognised yet allowed to be diverse
Allow us to fulfil our desires
Allow us to use our imagination
Allow us to be experimental
Dear God break us free from these chains
They ground us with and let us walk in our own paths
For our dreams are our very own
Nuestras madres, nuestras padres,
nuestras hermanas, nuestras hermanos
No tienen problemas para que estemos bien
Do not tamper with our legacies
Do not hold our heads under water
Do not choke us with your vision
And do not label us
See we have plans, bolder than you can imagine
Daring like magic
Exotic like a virgin island, undiscovered or tainted
With humanity’s greed and poison
We have plans, we must see the world
And taste all it has to offer, and we mean that literally
Take that as you wish, but you know what I’m talking about
You don’t need an emotional connection to fuck?
I understand, I understand, for what is love?
Love disappoints, for I did not think something I once cherished,
That one day that same thing would repulse me
Harsh? Unkind?
Maybe so, but if we choose to be
Sheep’s and follow you
What sense is there in that?
Nos mères, nos pères,
Nos sœurs, nos frères,
Ne sont pas troublés car nous sommes très bien
I understand your need to feel passion
I understand your need to feel desire
I understand, I understand it all because I feel it too
You are my soul mate and I yours

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