An Eye for an Eye

When I came across him
He took my breath away
Cliché? I know
But I swear I speak the truth
He was graceful in his attempts
To imitate my dance moves
He was respectful when
I took the courage to talk with him
He seemed regretful when
He told me another occupied his heart
On our first date
He still appeared to me as a dream
He was interesting in conversation
He was cultured in appearance and in experience
He seemed lovable and dependable
He was a dream come true
He was intelligent and understanding
He was loving and devoted
He seemed to have all the answers
And so everything he sold,
I bought it, I bought, I bought it
And I sincerely didn’t mind
But he was impetuous and impractical
He was idol and lazy
He was immature and childish
Perhaps he can be forgiven because
He was young and inexperience
The dream became a nightmare
It felt like a broken record in a duke box
Playing the same song, over and over and over
Until we were both disgusted with the melody
And simply failed to care for one another
It was exhausting and relentless
He let me down and didn’t play his part
But I adored him too much to leave
He tried, I was unresponsive
He tried, I was unresponsive
He tried, I was unresponsive
He became disheartened and suspended his duties
I blamed him for being idol and lazy
I neglected my duties
It was distressing and tormenting for him
I let him down and didn’t play my part
But he adored me too much to leave
In the end
He let me down and I let him down
But he took it personal
And became a self righteous fucking ass hole

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