Unrequited Love #3

Just the other day
I caught myself smiling
As I came across a photo of you
For a moment I couldn’t control myself
For a second I was lost for words
I get caught in my own thoughts of you
And when I look at my reflection
I see a flower that only shows as a bud
Your touch doesn’t seem the same anymore
And I wish I could make it like it used to be
But instead I always surrender to your needs
The things you say and do rock my moods
But I’m too weak to tell you to stop
Afraid you will threaten to leave like you always do
Now it’s clear why you are so dear to me
Without you what can I do?
To lose you is to lose your love
You opened my heart to love
So if I say I don’t believe in love
It’s because the only love I know is what you show me

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