Unrequited Love #2

I’ve trusted you with my deepest secrets
I’ve shared with you my happiest moments
I have revealed to you the weaknesses of my heart
I’ve brought you into the special places in my heart
I’ve had the courage to express my feelings for you
I’ve shared with you my darkest fears
I have comforted you time after time
With word so gentle
I have shared with you my heart desires and my dreams
I have shown you the key to my heart and
I’ve lead you to the secret places in my heart
Will I ever love anyone like I love you?
Will I ever hear you whisper you love me too?
Will you ever need me like I need you?
Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close?
Will I ever feel your touch, so comforting and healing
One day when you learn my love for you is true
I hope you also learn that the
Safest place I know is with you

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