Loving you #1

I don’t know how much more of this I can take
The pain seeps in deep and blows away my guard
And makes me cry out
To use my mind and heart to reach out and feel
I ache, shiver, and tire, I become light like the
Feather in the wind, So each time the wind blows
I think to myself until I die, I would still have the will
Every glance of your reflection and I understand all my affection
You make me feel a million different things at once
It’s like I’m stuck in a maze with no way out
Understand I cannot be until you are near
As loneliness wins over all my fears
I hope your words to me are true But I need to know
For sure. as this time I have limits to my wings
My love is forever yours as long as you choose me
I hope a day will come when you
Will know exactly what I meant
When I said I love you more than you know

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