Untittled #1

Naked, vulnerable, open to attack
My defenses are falling
My heart left unguarded
How do I keep you from breaking my heart?
How do I stop you from controlling my emotions?
Unprotected, exposed, weak
Helplessly I’m falling
My hear left defenseless
How do I stop myself from falling for you?
How do I stop myself from giving my all to you?
Powerless, hesitant, uncertain
My insecurities uprising
Stalling the truth, for a moment my heart smiles
I cannot allow myself to go back to that place
I cannot do this thing called love
Unsettled, unsure, undecided
My doubts uprising
A connection made, for a moment I feel alive
I cannot allow myself to slip into
This peril I will never understand
I cannot allow you to trust me with your heart
Addiction, obsession, fixation
An all familiar feeling
A habit I thought I could control
I don’t believe in myself
I don’t believe in you
Complicated, confused, tangled
See the fear in my eyes
As I taste your warm gentle kiss
I don’t believe in your words
I don’t believe in love
Accept, admit, conceive
For I know I cannot win this battle

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