Suicidal Thoughts #3

To have a permanent end to all
Functions of life, this is a temptation
That seems too good to turn down
When I’m gone please do not mourn me
Because I will not be far from you
I will always still be with you and
The though you won’t see me
I will be there taking care of you and
Making sure everything is well with your world
Please don’t be stricken by grief either
For I would have found piece
Something I have not been familiar with for a while
So that you know, I did not succumb to any pain
I feel asleep and I will never wake again
I will now be dreaming forever
I understand you will miss me and even
Though I’m gone I will miss you too
But I have to do this, accept me free
Though I may never see heaven
I’m okay with that, believe me I am
I’m just so sorry I failed you all

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