Suicidal Thoughts #2

To me life is a wonderful gift
One which I have always cherished
I have always had a passion for life
And the will to live life to the fullest
But life has become so distorted
Life has become so cruel that
I dissolve in depression and hopelessness
My soul is wandering lost and I wish I could find myself
In my head there are voices. I hear them
They are constant in their pursuit
To confuse me and take over
The messages they give are so often
Conflicting and confusing that life becomes an illusion
And I am no longer in control of my body
I try to cry out but I am unable to do so
It feels like I’m trapped away from the world
With only my thoughts for company
Which are sometimes not my very own
This state of mind is a constant reminder
Of how I’m failing in life
I know to take my own life is selfish
But it’s the only thing that seems comfortable right now
I feel no more pain ti never cry again

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