Suicidal Thoughts #1

I feel so suicidal and
This time I might just end it all
Stop living to avoid the pain
My life is nothing but an illusion to me
Every step I take leads to mistakes
I hate this feeling, it’s pressuring me to choose
I’m sick and tired of feeling ashamed
I think it’s time I find a path that is my own
I’m not afraid to fly alone
I can’t feel inside
I want to break free
I just need to get away
I am smothered in despair and
I’m ready to give up the fight
My vision is blurry and I’m lost in regret
When I come face to face with the mirror
My own reflection is foreign to me
I wish my heart would stop beating
So slowly I can drift into a peaceful place
Maybe I’ll miss this world one day
But then again I won’t be here to feel it
I will be free, finally

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