My Inferiority Complex

So much passion burns inside of me
What a waste this is
On a cowardly man of my kind
What is this life I live?
I lie to myself everyday that I’m confident
But happiness cannot be bought
Or made by lies to myself
Aside from my insecurities
There is an extra burden I must bear
In that I suffer from an inferiority complex
It makes me feel so weak, so frail
So ready to fail and allows any ambition
I have to die so easily
This burden brings me unimaginable pain
Which floods my mind
I dwell on my thoughts
And what I could be
if I didn’t suffer from this disease
This complex causes me horrors in my nightmares
Makes my heart so heavy
it punctures and I bleed internally
I smile to show strength,,
But I’m only covering up weakness
If you were to cut me open
You would see the scars I bare
The ones that may never heal
I wish my complex would turn upon itself
Attacking relentlessly until it kills all traces
And disappears into the hole
It has created inside my heart
My life is never at it’s fullest
There’s a dark tunnel behind me and
A dim light to awake my slumber
Going back is always a big mistake
And forward has lots of turns and dark alleys
I want to never pass again
As it suffocates me, gripping at where it hurts most
I cannot deal with the agony
My body aches and makes my mind dizzy
And I cannot think straight
Tell me what to do
How do I deal with this complex?

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