I grew tired of the same old routine
I grew inpatient with love
I became disillusioned with life
I struggled to maintain relationships
My home felt foreign to me
I waited and waited for a change
It never came, not even close, not a clue
Not a glimpse, not even a whisper
I was at a crossroad, which direction do I take?
I seeked in all directions for answers
I was met with silence, a deadly silence
I do not know what to do, all I know is
I cannot and I will not live this life any more, I refuse
So what do I do?
With no expectations, no hope, a broken man
I arrived in Valencia, I know nothing, no one, not really
Not the language, not the culture, nothing
But I was determined to make this work
After all this is only for two weeks then
i will return to the life I hated so much
Sun, sea, beautiful boys, handsome girls, amazing food
Increasable architecture all existing in this one dimension
Valencia took my breath away and I simply feel in love
I felt a connection like no other, better yet it required
Nothing of me, It was a place where I could simply be
Myself and that was enough
Valencia gave me room to grow
Valencia accepted me for me
Valencia gave me hope, hope that was drained
Valencia gave me choices
Valencia gave me the capability to think for myself
Valencia gave me the confidence to believe in myself
Valencia empowered me to make a change
Valencia finally made me realise my potential
Valencia made me realise that the life I wanted was possible
It was in Valencia when I realised all my dreams had come true
And now Valencia is my home, my city, my town, my life
It appears that the feeling of feeling
Trapped, lost, institutionalised, disillusioned
Had always flowed through my veins
Like a disease I couldn’t cure
I looked outside my window and
All I could feel was love for this city
All I could feel was peace, harmony, tranquillity
I am at peace, not in despair or lost in hopelessness
It was in this moment, in this very moment
It dawned on me that I am living my dream
My dreams have come true
I smiled, I laughed, I smoked, I danced
Then I cried myself to sleep
Not because I was sad, quite the contrary my friend
It was because I could and so I did

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