Collections #2

I may not have known you for very long
So I don’t know your faults, your bad habits or
The things you like most
But one thing I know is the way i feel about you
It’s not often I feel this way about someone
I haven’t known for very long
This just goes to show the impact you’ve had on me
I smile at the thought of you and when
I’m with you, there’s really nowhere I would rather be
I often find myself shut away from the world
Remembering the times we’ve spent together
I’m torn between the
Idea of living or dying
If I live, I have nothing to live for
If I die, I gain nothing
So do I dare to jump?
Will I live to see another day?
If I ask you to hold me, if I say to you I am lonely
What would be wrong? Would I be weak?
Is weakness ill or strength that hides?
If I could see the pain, if I could find out where it hides
Would you be there, right by my side to help me
Carry tears and fears? Would you be near or would you leave
Me sad to fight my past all by myself?
I never asked for this
He came and tried to draw me in
He begged a small place in my heart
I resisted, then gave into find out all I was
To him was just another conquest and
Now there is an empty space,
A painful hole where I agreed to let him in
If you should decide you want
Nothing more to do with me,
How do I give you up?

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