Collections #1

I’ve noticed I miss you
I’m persistent, you’re resistant
I don’t know what it is
But I can’t seem to get over you
I love spending time with you and
I love it when you smile at me
You’re sweeter than sweet and
I hope a day will come
When you will see how much you mean to me
Have I done something wrong
That you leave me for so long
Have I pushed you away by craving your stay?
Because if I have not, your voice that was warm
To my lonely heart must have turned cold and
Forgotten my name, for I be just a friend or a
Lover to be, this silence of yours is sorrow to me
I have jumped into the ocean and I have not drowned
I have taken corners that has landed me in places
I didn’t want to be, I have made decisions that has cost me
I have survived a broken hearts, I have overcome my fears
I have survived all the heartaches and pains
I have survived misfortunes of the past and
I will survive the future
Every time I pretend to be over you
It’s just my way of trying to be strong
Every time I look and smile at you
It’s just my way of saying I need you
I will always want you
I will always love you
Before we met we were strangers
The day that I met you, I wished upon a star
You are so beautiful I wish I could kiss you
Your movements commands the motion of my eyes
You take my breath away
But I don’t even know your name

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