Collections #3

My biggest flaw is I trust too quickly
You smile, my defences fall
Hang onto me so I won’t break
I’m weaker than I thought
Not as strong as I wish
The day I started to dream
You ceased to care
A reality I cannot accept
I’m bleeding with disgust at your betrayal
You’ve broken a trust and now a life lays in ruin
With another soon to follow
Your selfish ways has led me to a discovery
I wish I never knew. I hate you for the impossible
Situation you’ve put me in
Your lies are cold and they make me
Shiver every time I hear them.
I think about you everyday
My thoughts are always consumed by you
I think about how I want to make you happy
I think about how you make smile
Most of all I think about how I want no one else
But you, all of you, your faults, your weaknesses
The good, the bad, the lows, the highs,
I want them all, all of them.
You educated me and nurtured me to love
Educated me to care
Tendered to my wounds
Soothed my pain and
Gave me wings to fly
Now I love without fear
I care without limits and tends
To others wounds
But then you tell me there are limits
To how much I can love, you’re telling me
I cannot choose who to care for
You gave me wings then you took them away
You have been most unkind
Because you have clipped my wings and
I can no longer fly

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