Unapologetically Me

I never learn from my mistakes
I ache to feel pain
I seek chaotic situations
I never tire from pursuing lost courses
I obsess from not obsessing
I am never often sorry, even when I say I am
I have broken many hearts
I have lied to plenty
I have been a player and I have been a lover
Perfectly proficient in both roles
To get what I want I will stop at nothing
I am persistent, I am persuasive
Lazy? Hell no!
Procrastinator? Uh huh! Not me
Fighter? You better believe it
Lose my trust and I will curse you with venom
So poisonous you will choke
Every time you hear my name
Lose my love and you will live with
The memory that you are dead to me
My affection is blind, odourless and colourless
Capture my heart and
My love will suffocate and leave you breathless

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