About a Boy

When he looks at me, his eyes flares up like fireworks
It compels me to look into his eyes
His eyes so beautiful it illuminates my heart and
Begs for me to need them
His gazes are not for very long, as if he knows
I can read his mind when he stares
His lips so radiant, like a new flower blossoming
On the first day of summer, I want to taste them
They feel dry, as though he has never been kissed
I lick his lips to bring life back to them
But they taste of nothing
He lifts his hands and brushes my face
From my forehead down to my lips
He gently kisses me, then he licks my lips
Just like I had done to him
His touch so gentle, like he’s afraid to break me
He smiles at me, his smile so mesmerizing
It compels me to me kiss him
He pulls back and stares deep into my eyes
With his gazes a lot longer now
As if he wants me to read his mind
He leans into my body and lays his head on my chest
My heart starts to beat fast as he listens
I feel his heart beating too and it is en-synced with mine
Now our hearts are beating together as one
Not a word is spoken, there are no need for words
Just the two of us, our stares
Our gazes, our smiles, our kisses
He is mine and I am his
So how can you tell me I cannot feel this way about a boy?

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